Do y'all eat your melons with salt?  I HAVE to have it with salt...unless we are out of it at work, and then I have a sad face.  :(

Like everything else, watermelon has a lot of Vitamin C.  Go figure, right??  This is how I pick out a watermelon:  look for the "yellowest belly" (that's what my friend Katie's mom taught me--her dad, Katie's grandad, used to grow them), then thump to see if it has a hollow sound, and finally check that it is dense.  Usually, if it has a yellow belly, then the rest should fall in place.  I haven't had the belly test--which shows it was allowed to ripen on the ground--fail me yet.  Happy eating!  And if you get the seeded ones, you should have a seed spitting contest.  :)  Gross, huh?  (I got the seedless, which still has seeds, but they are the white softer ones.)

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