Summer Pail List

During dinner one night last week, Zach and I came up with a Summer Pail List of things to do this season.  (We decided that the word "bucket" was too negative and morbid.  ;)  Here is what we came up with:

1)  Go to a Naturals game (We are going to try to go to one this week if there's a home game.)

2)  Watch a movie at Eureka Springs' Movie in the Park

3)  Watch a movie on First Friday at the Splash Pad
4)  Watch a movie at the drive-in theatre
5)  View the Hudson River exhibit at Crystal Bridges
6)  Take a picture with the new LOVE sign on the lawn at Crystal Bridges

7)  Have a fondue party (We have one planned for the 14th!)
8)  Explore the new Bentonville trails or ones we haven't
9)  Eat A LOT of snow cones and share a banana split

10)  Use our grill (We only used it once last year.  *lol*)
11)  Take a two-person scooter ride (once I get a helmet and jacket).
12)  Ride the trail from Springdale to Van Buren (This is planned for sometime next month--we bought a package deal!)
13)  Make basil gimlets (We are planning to serve these at the Fondue Is Fundoings party.  :)
14)  Ride around town with Zach wearing his horse mask

15)  Watch Moulin Rouge
16)  Have crepes from the Farmers Market

I think it's going to be a fun summer!
What do you have planned or are doing?

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