We like to fry our vegetables in the South.  I grew up eating fried potatoes, fried okra, fried squash.  I was a picky eater, but I loved fried veggies (probably because of the batter if I'm honest with you blogger folks).  I still like them every now and then because they are downright yummy when they are piping hot off the stovetop.  But I don't do this very often because I HATE frying things.  That's right:  I don't hate frying things because it's bad for me--I hate it because it's messy.  ;)  And, well, I guess it's easier to say, "No!" when I know how it's unhealthy and messy.

But every now and then won't kill us, right?  Fried food isn't arsenic, folks.  You would have to eat a lot for it to kill you immediately and a lot s-l-o-w-l-y for it to do you in eventually.  (I know fried food isn't healthy, but I don't think it's the food by itself that causes these problems--it's mainly our behaviors.  This is a huge problem in America of which, I think, we are already aware.  Now we have to do something!  We have to change our behaviors!  No Big Mac's for me!  And fried okra only with fried fish!  Eh, two fried foods together is probably bad?  Whoops...)

Seriously, though, I am trying to do better.  And even if I occasionally have a burger and fries or eat ice cream late at night, I know I am incorporating more vegetables and fruits into my diet.  And that makes me feel alright when, every now and then, I fry some squash because nothing says, "Southern Summer" like fried yellow squash.  :)

Fried Squash
Combine 1 egg, 1/2 cup milk, 1/3 cup flour, and 1/2 tsp. salt, beating until smooth as possible.  Wash and slice 1 summer squash (yes, only ONE!) into thin slices (the thinner, the crispier and the crispier, the better).  Discard the ends of the squash.  Heat enough oil in a skillet so that the bottom is covered.  Dip each squash slice into the batter and carefully drop into the hot oil.  Brown both sides, flipping often.  Serve piping hot!

grease heaven

I loved this batter!  Last year, I used Panko breadcrumbs instead of/with the flour.  Zach liked it (he had NEVER had fried squash before), but I didn't care for that batter.  It didn't taste enough like my aunt Grace's or my mama's.  I found this one this year, and I plan on using it for other things.

I promise to bring you a healthier squash recipe soon.  :)

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  1. Yum, this looks AMAZING! I love squash and anything fried is a million times better! :)


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