This weekend, I really wanted to make a fruit salad because I have been craving fruit like crazy since summer is right around the corner.  However, since we are going out of town to Fort Smith to visit Zach's best friend Kevin and his wife Bree for Memorial Day right after Meeting tomorrow,  we won't be able to transport it in the heat without tons of ice and such.  Zach suggested I just make it at their house, but their apartment has a tiny kitchen, and I hate crowding someone's kitchen with my dish when they are hosting dinner.  As such, we decided to bring a surprise dessert (but more on that later this week!).

We still bought some fruit to munch on until we leave, including our first honeydew of the year!  Zach thumped on one, thought it sounded hollow enough, felt dense, and swooped it up.  :)  I was too tired to recall how to pick out a melon, so I let him do it, and I think he did a great job!

When picking out a honeydew, you want to look for one that is yellower than paler.  Feel the stem end and see it gives a bit when you push.  Try the opposite end as well.  Thump to see if the melon sounds hollow.  Then compare it with a similarly sized melon to see if it is fairly dense.  You can also shake it to see if you hear seeds moving around; it's good if you do.  (I have bad hearing, so this doesn't work for me.)  Finally, sniff the stem end for a melony smell--one that is not too strong.  If all of these things line up, then you probably will have a good, ripened, and sweet honeydew on your hands!  The only thing ours was missing was the melony smell.  :)

Since honeydew is in the same family as cantaloupe, I am assuming it is high in folate, Vitamin A, and potassium, which is very important for your health (though the others are as well).  The thing I love about this melon is its slight honeysuckle flavor.  I served mine cut into larger bite-sized pieces with a dash of lime juice, a sprinkle of salt and sugar each, and some mint leaves.  It was very delicious and light for breakfast!

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