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I used to not like grapefruit very much.  It was too bitter and too tart, which sounds crazy, but that is how grapefruit is--and it confused my tastebuds.  I remember hearing in junior high and high school that grapefruit juice could help you lose weight, and I soldiered through glass after glass though I hated it.  I also thought having half a grapefruit for breakfast was very European and glamourous, so I forced myself to eat more than a few halves in my lifetime.

At some point, I discovered the beauty of a fresh grapefruit sprinkled with brown sugar and broiled for a short time so it got warm and caramelized.  Ahhh!  Then suddenly the grapefruit seemed great on its own!  This past year, I wasn't able to have any grapefruit because of the medicine I was on.  :(  But now that I have had my surgery and don't have to worry about blocking my stoma, I am slowly easing back into having citrus, including the one pictured above.

I haven't bought any whole grapefruit to broil yet, but my husby purchased this container that holds ten (yes, TEN!) grapefruit for six-ish dollars right before my surgery, and there is some left.  I think it is a wise purchase if you like grapefruit by itself.  The past few days I have been enjoying a few segments sprinkled with vanilla sugar.  Ahhhhhhhh. :)

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