things I'm loving this week

learning all about the English and their interesting habits and social rules...and realizing my personality is more English than not :)

using the Wilton kit I got for Christmas to make Valentine's Day cupcake decorations on our first snow day of February (and this week)

Bob's Red Mill Muesli and all other breakfast foods any time of the day

our fireplace and the sexy man who gets it hot *hahahahaha*

how this book haunts me

thinking about memories of BHS and UCA and of everything I would tell my 16-year-old, 18-year-old, 21-year-old self, especially that it will all be okay and work out...which in turn comforts me now when thinking about the future

the guiltiest of guilty pleasures
(It's only fitting this would be the largest picture. It's SOOO over-the-top.)

all of the memories of (especially of all the Easters I spent with her) my sweet Granny Byrd

hunting for the new perfect pair of rain boots since my old pair inexplicably split
(I am very picky. I don't like when the patterns stretch at the bottom on the bridge of the shoe. I'm thinking I'm old enough to go for solid pair in black or red.)

****************a snow week****************
(Oh, and we are supposed to get another 5 to 9 inches on Wednesday!!)

measuring the snowfalls according to where it falls on these chicks

finding my niece on facebook (and using my fine detective skills to do so *lol*)

this fuzzy face and his yawns and his naps and his daddy-o

a simple table wine that tastes mighty fine in my roast beef

making a new flavor of homemade ice cream every week in my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker that matches my kitchen
This weeks was strawberry.

Cheez-It's, including the flavor I tried for the first time today
(It will probably be gone in three days. ;)

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