Weekend Update: Thanksgiving Edition, Part 2

Here we are, a week after Thanksgiving, and I still haven't finished talking about Thanksgiving weekend!  And since I'm getting not one, but two snow days, I figured there is no excuse.  :)

After we bid adieu to Zach's family, we stopped by to visit our friend Jonathan and Jordan for a bit.  Then we drove to NLR and checked into our hotel.  Once we had grabbed dinner there, we headed over to my stepsister Kim's house to visit with her, my other stepsister Shelly (who was in town from Chicago), Kim's daughter Amie, and Amie's daughter Harper.  I didn't take any photos since it was so late, but here is a #throwbackThursday pic of (some of) my dad's side of the family:

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at our hotel and headed down to LoCo (Lonoke County) to Carlisle to visit with my best friend Monica, her fianc√© Rob, and their little girl Autumn.  Rob's two kids, Lauryn and Caleb, were also there!

I didn't get to attend Autumn's birthday party because I had to work, so we brought her present (literary and artistic board books) and visited a bit.  We ended up doing an impromptu photo shoot, and I got some pretty decent shots of this growing little family!

 photo IMG_9874_zps7fb27767.jpg    photo IMG_9877_zps9409f0f6.jpg
Lauryn declared that Jane Eyre is scary.  *lol*  That's your Auntie "Lorelai" for ya, Autumn!

 photo IMG_9879_zpse2beffca.jpg    photo IMG_9881_zps3d48fa7a.jpg   photo IMG_9882_zps1457c229.jpg   photo IMG_9887_zpsd38b55cd.jpg

 photo IMG_9888_zpseef836b0.jpg    photo IMG_9892_zpsd9abe1d2.jpg
I love this one on the right!

 photo IMG_9901_zps5f18cdc1.jpg  photo IMG_9908_zpsf1a79f72.jpg photo IMG_9915_zps823107de.jpg
sweet growing family

 photo IMG_9918_zps9f0b2bfc.jpg    photo IMG_9922_zps6b7745a5.jpg

 photo IMG_9927_zps809558f7.jpg  photo IMG_9929_zps06759ddc.jpg photo IMG_9932_zpse406b6de.jpg  photo IMG_9935_zps44235b0f.jpg

 photo IMG_9949_zpsd22f9f12.jpg    photo IMG_9951_zps6d9a5039.jpg

 photo IMG_9954_zps1134bbd7.jpg
 photo IMG_9957_zpsbb95d1dc.jpg

 photo IMG_9963_zps65789f8a.jpg  photo IMG_9965_zps7dbb71a1.jpg  photo IMG_9967_zpse4542574.jpg

 photo IMG_9986_zps73dff0dc.jpg

Awww, I just love these folks!

After Monica's, we headed back up the road to Lonoke to see my mama, Matt (one of my brothers), and Will (my nephew).  I didn't take many photos because my mom's hip was bothering her, and she felt horrible, and my brother isn't much on having is picture taken anyway.  But here are two photos:

 photo IMG_9991_zpsc91819da.jpg

 photo IMG_9994_zps37461c49.jpg

I'm praying that Mama feels much better very soon and that we will get more photos in next time.  Then we were on the road home.  We stopped in Morrilton, where we saw the most beautiful sky:

 photo IMG_9995_zps18cc729b.jpg

 photo IMG_9997_zps05afd1b7.jpg    photo IMG_9996_zps4d69a39c.jpg

Isn't it spectacular?!

Well, that is our Thanksgiving weekend, minus Sunday.  But I'll try to talk about that tomorrow because that's when we decorated for Christmas.  :)

 photo b1ec0eef-a9ee-48d9-87d2-1285feb7aa0c_zpsd6f56ab6.jpg

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