Weekend Update: Thanksgiving Edition, Part 1

Last time you saw me, I was enjoying some raspberry pancakes the last full weekend in November, and here we are in December!  CHRISTMAS SEASON.  Oh, tidings of joy to you.  :)

What have been up to since then?  Well, on Tuesday, I made this awesome apple pie:

(Yes, it was as delicious as it looks.  And that is a leaf, not a tree cut-out.)

Because I was exhausted Tuesday night, I got up super early on Wednesday to make baked beans, only to find my onion was spoiled.  So I took Zach to work, grabbed another onion, and spent a few hours at home.  Then I went in for three hours before the college closed early!  Score!

We headed home, loaded up the car with our stuff and "Pancake," and headed down to central Arkansas.

 photo IMG_1158_zps6e528c32.jpg    photo IMG_1153_zps82650057.jpg
"Pancake" was such a good little pilgrim!  She sat in my lap the whole way, purring and purring.

Thursday meant Thanksgiving, and here are a few many photos from the day:

This is what happens when the photog and back-up photog are in the picture...and your back-up back-up just had shoulder surgery--iPhone photo!

That cranberry JELL-O sauce in the middle is one of my favorites of my mother-in-law's!

 photo IMG_9762_zpsaa82479b.jpg    photo IMG_9782_zps214f0e5b.jpg
our nephew Sayer
 photo IMG_9767_zps04631c11.jpg    photo IMG_9770_zps98f7e9e3.jpg
some of the peeps
husby ready for a nap
 photo IMG_9792_zpseef8c7b3.jpg    photo IMG_9796_zps42a208b8.jpg    photo IMG_9816_zps46227530.jpg
 photo IMG_9819_zpsb35ff252.jpg    photo IMG_9822_zpsf7121759.jpg    photo IMG_9841_zps9972d7ca.jpg
Sayer decorated the tree, but it took five people to hang the star!
my mother-in-law pretending to be the Statue of Liberty :)
the finished product later that evening
Sayer and Momo who is NOT happy about her too short haircut
silly Sayer
some of the animals from the weekend (Phoebe, Sasha, and "Pancake")

Pancake went to her new home Thanksgiving night, but unfortunately, she escaped out the door the next day!  I am clinging to these verses (Matthew 6:25-34).  Pray that she found a better home and is not in the cold--hungry, afraid, and missing us.  We just cried when we heard.

I did a little shopping on Black Friday by myself.  I didn't get out until 11, but I still got everything I wanted and more!  I hit up JCP, Children's Place, Old Navy, and Michael's (and Walmart--but not for BF shopping).  The crowds weren't too bad except at Old Navy, where I waited 30+ minutes to check out, BUT I got a coupon for having a pence in my pocket.  :)  (They were doing a scavenger hunt-type thing.)

Friday evening, we headed to NLR, but I will have to post about our adventures there tomorrow.
What did you do this Thanksgiving?

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