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I've been writing and sending cards and such--I just have been bad about posting that on here.  The following are what I have sent the last three weeks.

My friend Monica has a friend named Stacy who lives in Arizona.  She is so sweet and funny and always sends us a Christmas card though not even I have met her!  (We did talk on the phone once or twice.)  Her friend's little boy has had health problems since he was born, and recently, he was diagnosed as possibly having a germ cell tumor and will have to undergo chemo at some point.  A few weeks ago, his dad asked that, if folks were willing, they could send him some mail.  I found this sweet "Get Wellelephant" card after I had searched high and low in the card aisle at Walmart.  (Um, there are not many "Get Well" cards for small children.)  But this turned out to be perfect as Logan LOVES elephants!  Stacy said he hung it in his room.  We also sent some Batman stickers for his sticker book.

I believe I have mentioned a little boy named Easton on here before.  I went to high school with his parents, and in the summer of 2011, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  Praise God, he is in remission now!  When I started following his Facebook page, I also found a page for a little boy named Kipton.  Kipton also was diagnosed with ALL around the same time Easton was, and February 10 marks one year since his rebirth--when he went into remission after receiving a bone marrow transplant.  His mom asked that "Kipton's Krew" (his supporters) send postcards to celebrate his rebirth.  I decided I needed to send one of the Walton 5 & 10, now the site of the Walmart Visitors Center, since we live in the town where Walmart was started.  Can you believe this postcard was 25 cents?!  That's almost five-and-dime prices!  This is an artistic rendering of the center, but here is an actual photo:

I've learned that if we open our eyes, there are people all around us that can use some encouragement.

Finally, my niece Lexi turned 17 (!) yesterday!  Since we couldn't be there, we mailed her birthday present and card.  I found her some darling jewelry--matching blue necklace and earrings, purple earrings and a ring to wear on pep rally days (their high school colors are purple and white), and some silver bird earrings.  She LOVED them and called today to thank us for them.  She also loved that Zach didn't sign her card because he didn't want to contaminate it with germs.  I love that sweet girl!  Here are some photos from over the years (since I didn't get a picture of her gift):

 a picture of Lexi (age six-ish) and me (sixteen, almost seventeen!) at Christmas
Gosh, her hair already looked much better than mine!

 at my wedding reception in December 2009
Lexi was thirteen, and Will was seven.

our most recent Christmas celebration 


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