What I Wrote This Week

Instead of mailing something, I actually sent something digitally this time around.

Arkansas Children's Hospital is asking for Valentine's for their patients.  The goal is for each patient to receive 10 Valentine's Day cards.  This is a GREAT hospital; it was always where my family took me when I was really ill, it was the hospital my primary physician would always refer us to (and not just because it is a children's hospital), and this is where I was diagnosed with Crohn's and put in remission for several years.

I tried to add a punny little message with each one I sent.  For example, with the Honey Bee one, I added a tongue twister:  Buzy buzzing bumble bees buzz busily below the beehive.  It was a lot of fun, especially knowing how nice it was to receive little "happy's" while I was in the hospital.  To send your own Valentine's, visit here.

How are you spreading the love this year?  I can't wait for our little celebrations this week!

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    1. And here is a link to the Facebook album showing a few of the children who received Valentines this year: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151424256178334.501643.112657538333&type=1

      It is so amazing to see their joy and to have been a small part of it!


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