Be Grateful #19 (the last of 2012)

I'm in a foul sort of mood today, which makes me not want to post (especially since I hate not staying on top of my blog)--but this is probably why I need to post to get me out of this mood.

Christmas Eve:  my stocking had a cankle because of a lovely box of See's Candies (my new FAVORITE!), our cats had too much fun with the ribbons and bows, Zach still loves getting LEGO.

We had a good Christmas other than some drama that happened Christmas Eve.  Zach and I are mostly drama free, so when I encounter it, I just break down and want to run.  Argh.

Still, we had a good Christmas.  We did our usual Christmas Eve traditions--rotisserie chicken, A Charlie Brown Christmas, exchanging of presents--and then we went to Hot Springs on Christmas Day.  Our state got hit with some white weather, and it was a bit scary to be driving through it.  (Our usual four-hour trip took two hours longer.)  But we made it safely and got snowed in.  I couldn't believe it that our home in Bentonville didn't get a flake because we got ten inches in Hot Springs!
Zach and I on Christmas Day
He gave me the green scarf with yellow polka dots that I am wearing.

Two days after Christmas, we came back home and got to experience a little snow here.  We've been trying to soak in the last few days of our winter break as well as I am trying to get over these sinus/cold/drainage issues I've had for two weeks now.  I probably should go see my doctor, but I'd really like to wait another day, so we don't have to fork out one more co-pay this year.  *hehe*  This is probably why I am in a foul mood:  I've been not feeling my best, and while we do get a week and a half of for Christmas, I'm not ready to go back.  Where did this time go??  I've been spoiled the past eight years.  For six, I was in school and got a plummy month off each winter.  Then the first Christmas after graduation, I was still unemployed, so I was on break all the time.  Last year, I was recovering, so I didn't go back to work until almost February.  See?  Spoiled, party of one.

snowpocalypse in Hot Springs
I still can't believe we had a VERY WHITE CHRISTMAS IN ARKANSAS!!
And, of course, the only county not touched by the white was the one where we live.  I guess it was good we were out-of-town, so we could enjoy it!

Not to mention that I had a terrible night in the kitchen, and we were supposed to get some more lovely winter weather today--I LOVE SNOW!--and I woke up to rain.  *grumble grumble*

a nice dusting in our neighborhood

Ah, man, I know I am being whiny and annoying to the point that my whining is annoying to myself!  *lol*  So on that note, here on some things I've grateful for in regards to 2012:

1)  my health--we've come a long way from this, baby.
2)  my job--I saw two of my students over the holidays, and I'm excited to see some returning faces along with the new ones.  If only I could get my gear in butt...**
3)  my constant interest in cooking and crafting--these give me something to talk about with folks on our lunch breaks.  *haha*
4)  my husband and our marriage--things aren't always easy, but I know we are willing to work hard to make this last forever.  He brings me more joy than anyone, and he's the one person I can be most like myself.  I keep hearing of folks who went to high school with me that have separated and/or divorced, and it breaks my heart for them.  It is comforting, encouraging, helpful, hopeful, amazing to have someone, along with God, to do life with every day.  I can't wait to see what 2013 holds for us.
5)  my life--I can't wait to see what 2013 holds for me.

In regards to resolutions, this year Zach and I are going to try to get back to eating more fruit and veggies and less meat, to keep the kitchen table cleaned off, to brush the kitties at least every other day, and to make more room in the freezer for cocktail and pilsner glasses.  *lol*

I'm going to continue to be more thankful, to continue cooking and crafting and reading--and to try to keep up with this blog as it is the umbrella for most of my creative outlets!

Happy New Year!!
What makes you feel thankful from 2012?  And how are you pledging to live a better life in 2013?

**Up there, I realized I typed "my gear in butt" instead of "my butt in gear."  I realized it as soon as I hit enter.  But it tickled me so, I decided not to change it.**

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  1. It must be the weather! I've been grumpy the past two days as well. My mil has been driving us nuts since we announced Baby S, I'm not ready to go back to school and all I want to do is sleep. I can't really complain though because we have been so blessed this year! I need to get my butt in gear too!!! Praying that you have a good rest of the week!

    1. It's so hard to get going! I finally started working today and have been on a roll. Having been driven a bit crazy by my mom and my in-laws, I can say that it's best to remember they love you and care about you, and especially with this baby, your mother-in-law is probably very excited and trying to feel involved? Family relationships can be tricky. I hope your week is fantastic!

  2. Hope your sinus/cold issues have subsided! Those can be tough to deal with. And I hear ya on how quickly winter break has gone by - there's always a touch of end-of-vacation blues when you realize that work looms.
    I am thankful that my studies in 2012 have gotten me closer to graduation. I am also thankful for my family's constant support. For 2013, I'd like to be more disciplined in how I manage my time so I spend more time doing things that I find fulfilling, whether it's cooking healthy meals for my family or writing a letter to a friend. :)

    1. I hear ya on being better with time management! And I need to write more letters this year. I had high hopes for this past one, and they slipped through my fingers. A new year, a new start!

  3. I love See's Candy! It's from California, so it's what I grew up with. I was surprised not to see it when I moved out to Louisiana, but luckily they've started to sell it at the mall around Christmas time. I know they don't label their chocolates, which I don't normally like, but I've eaten them enough that in general I can identify my favorites.

    1. I have become obsessed with them! One of our malls in the area appears to have a See's location (according to their website and See's), so I'm hoping it's not a Christmas thing; hopefully, I get to check it out soon. The Butterscotch Square has been my favorite so far. I'm like you in that I like to know what I am eating, but I've started grabbing my laptop, pulling up the website, and picking over the box to find the next one I want to try. I'm really trying not to eat the whole box at once in case I can't get any for a while...


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