Menu Monday: POTATO SOUP...and a BIG Decision

I've been struggling to write about my job search for quite awhile. Job searching is hard enough, but when you add in questioning your calling in life and wasting all the hard work you have done towards one goal, along with a nice big load of student debt, it gets really hard really fast.

Last week I had an interview for one job and a presentation for another. The first one was on Wednesday afternoon. The interesting thing is that, instead of focusing upon that interview that morning, I really wanted to start working on the other in which I had to teach some kind of lesson from my field for ten to fifteen minutes. (Well, I thought it was actually ten to twelve, but my presentation went to fifteen when I practiced. So I hurried through it when I finally presented, only to realize I had those extra minutes after all. *sigh*)

Anyway, I've been offered two jobs, and I have been struggling with the choice I will soon make. One is full-time and stable, but could be incredibly stressful and tedious at times (not to mention the l-o-n-g commute paired with rising gas prices). The other is only part-time with quite a bit of freedom regarding what duties I can take on or create for myself; I would also be able to teach a few classes, which could round out my schedule (and salary). But this position could end in June, or be renewed for next year as a part-time position or a full-time one. Or it could be dropped, and I would be back to square one.

I think I'm going to take the risk and go with the second one. I've been struggling to write about my job search, and I could write pages and pages on what this choice will mean and how much I've struggled to reach this decision...and how I could have not struggled at all if I hadn't been a disobedient child. I guess you live and learn.

That being said, I didn't cook too much last week. Not only was I busy preparing for these interviews, but I was worn out near the end of the week. Zach was sick and stayed home on Friday, missing his work field trip. This weekend we were out of town for my nephew's first birthday party, and we didn't get home until last night. I was sick with a terrible sinus headache that made me nauseous and achy, so we had some oatmeal, and I went to bed. I could have used some of the POTATO SOUP I made last Sunday!

6 potatoes, peeled and diced
1 large yellow onion, diced
6 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
3 c. milk
2 c. grated cheese (I used cheddar and a little mozzarella)
bacon bits and chopped green onions or chives

-Simmer potatoes and onions in the broth in a large pot.
-When the potatoes are nearly tender, melt the butter in a separate saucepan on low heat. Whisk in flour, salt, and pepper. Add milk all at once. Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and bubbles. Remove from heat.
-Add the cheese to the white sauce, return to low heat, and whisk until melted. With a ladle, dip two cups of the hot potato broth and stir into the cheese sauce until smooth.
-Remove the cheese sauce from heat and pour into the remaining potato/broth mixture in the large pot. Stir on low heat until blended (do not boil).
-Top with bacon bits and green onions or chives, as desired.

[8-10 servings]

I adapted the recipe from The Book Lover's Cookbook Zach got me for our first Valentine's Day together. :)

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