Our 2010 (Part 1)

We rang in the New Year at a Jens Lekman concert in Wicker Park with Joe and Beth while on our honeymoon. Our first few days of the year were spent exploring the museums, shops, and restaurants of Chicago, including the Lego Store and the American Girl Store. :)I made my famous cobbler, but forgot to convert the flour--oh, noes!!
I began my last semester at UCA. It may or may not be my last semester. Ever. As a student, at least. Maybe.

So I got serious about studying for comps and finishing my thesis.

I tried to take a step class.

We took my Mama and Momo to see Loretta Lynn.

I had an Omicron reunion with my girls!
Another bum tooth was pulled.

Conway got snowed in, and I made homemade pico for the first time.
Everyone joined together for a baby shower honoring Tasha and Drake, and I made my future nephew a diaper cake.

Zach taught me how to play chess. We haven't played since. *lol*We were snowed in again, and Zach and I trekked across Conway to McDonald's.UCA's graduation deadline was met!

We made tuxedo strawberries and headed in the SNOW to Rosemont B & B in Little Rock for Valentine's Day. It was wonderful to sit by the fire and do NOTHING. :)
I thought Shutter Island was terrifying until I saw Black Swan in December...

Lunch with my mama at Lone Star on a weekday was f-u-n.
Drake Ryder made his arrival! I LOVE my best nephew!We attended the LANTERNS! Winter Festival at Wildwood Park for the Arts. Beautiful.
I had many nightmares about comps...

We saw a performance of Caberet and loved it!

We saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (with Emily for her birthday) and hated it.

I scored a great sale at Walgreen's on toothpaste! *lol*

We started watching Parenthood when it premiered.

The Pharr's went to see Up in the Air with us.
I got a pretty new dress from my favorite place (Target) for graduation.
We kicked off Spring Break at the Rivermarket with Kevin and Bree.

While Zach was gone to Boston to present his thesis, I reunited with my Omicrons and my Bryant girls and saw these sweet babies.

To end our Spring Break with some sort of break, we took a boat out on Lake Bennett at Woolly Hollow State Park.

Even with comps and thesis defenses looming over our heads, we found time to celebrate Good [Frish] Friday and Easter with some friends.
I came down with sinus issues during comps and didn't really get to celebrate finishing them or Zach's thesis defense. We went to Marketplace Grill anyway.Slant arrived and in tact! Lunch at Holly's with the Doctors Fowler, Rogers, and Coleman = SWEETI presented at the Fourth Annual UCA Graduate Conference for the fourth time and wore my suit for the first time.Zach and I journeyed to Missou for his first interview.We ate our weight in Cadbury Creme and Caramel Eggs and reveled in Freaks and Geeks.

We passed our thesis defenses AND I passed comps!

I got bangs again.
The Scroll was released. :)We celebrated my birthday with an early dinner with the Pharr family, and Zach presented me with his gift: a basket of Victorian goodies!

I awoke to a beautiful message and celebrated the silver anniversary of my life (i.e. my 25th birthday) with some friends at the Rivermarket. We ended my birthday weekend with high tea at The Empress B&B in Little Rock courtesy Bobby and Beverly.
My paper on Zora Neale Hurston was published in The Sigma Tau Delta Review.The Married Pharr's became the Masters Pharr. 'Bout time.
I cleaned out my office, and we started packing up our apartment to leave UCA for good.

We attended our first Travs game after happy hour at Senor Tequila with Brian, Whitney, and the gang.

As Zach started playing his Xbox more often, I got into Animal Crossing again.

We celebrated Mother's Day, including a late lunch with my mama at Mimi's Cafe.
Brian and Whitney tied the knot! We celebrated at the Saucer (where else?!) the night before.

We moved out of our first home in Baridon and back to Hot Springs until Zach found a job.
Beverly started teaching me how to decorate cakes, and I made Erin's birthday cake for the surprise party Josh threw for her and their friend Nathan.

I started babysitting Sayer, and just fell in love with him.Zach and I journeyed to Ole Miss to visit the Gates' and see Faulkner's Oxford.I made Monica a "We knee-d you to get well soon" cake and had a night out with my girls at Khalil's.Zach took down his Lego town.

The last of our "thank you" cards from our reception were F-I-N-A-L-L-Y sent out. Why did it take us six months to write FOUR cards?!

The Pharr's came together for Zach's cousin Lindsey's wedding at the Albert Pike Hotel. It was beautiful.
We celebrated Father's Day with Bobby.

Zach got a new iPhone as an early birthday present, so I got his old one. For. the. WIN.

We spent the night with Grandpa and Grandma Jean before heading to Fayetteville and Springdale for the weekend with Zach's Uncle Chuck and Aunt Jeannie.
Then we drove to MO so Zach could interview at Jefferson College in Hillsboro......before we drove to Ohio for his interview at Wright State in Dayton before driving home. Seven States in Seven Days. Whew.

We ate at White Castle. Ugh.

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