Our 2010 (Part 2)

We began celebrating the Fourth of July early with the annual Spa Blast at Oaklawn.
Using my free tickets from participating in the APA and UCA Graduate Conference, we went to see The Comedy of Errors. It was one of the best productions I have seen!

Linda Adams sent me a copy of her second cookbook after we met at Lindsey and Sam's wedding in June. I gushed like a teeny bopper! :)Zach, Bree, and I scored free Chick-Fil-A when we celebrated Cow Appreciation Day by dressing up like them.We went to Juanita's to see Delta Spirit!

Zach built a sweet Lego pub.We played lots of board games and card games with our friends.

The anniversary of our engagement was July 19 and we wanted to celebrate with some Italian, but Angel's disappointed us.I celebrated Monica's 26th birthday at Mimi's with bohemians.Erin and I had a Boone's Farm night. Epic bad decision? Probably. *lol*

Zach had an interview in Illinois, so we stayed with Joe and Beth and celebrated his 26th birthday Normal-ly.
The month kicked off with my best niece Briley's third birthday. She is growing up too fast!Zach and I went to the Malco to watch a documentary, Forgetting Dad, and Night of the Living Dead.I mastered Apples-to-Apples!My hand was burned once again, and this time it wasn't my fault. I was helping make Momo's 90th birthday dinner when I used a potholder with a hole.
We fell in love with McCann's Irish Steel-Cut Oatmeal and Cadbury Mini-Egg Cookies.

Zach's parents bought us a beautiful cinnamon settee for graduation!Anatoliy joined us for the night in Hot Springs. We took him to the Brau Haus (of course!) and went swimming after touring the Diamond Bear Brewery in Little Rock.I finally got my chocolate chess birthday pie. It's never too late for pie. Especially birthday pie.

Mockingjay arrived just in time.

I finished knitting my first scarf, a tri-color block skinny scarf.We attended the Blues Festival and Gallery Walk with Zach's parents. I did not like getting carded! *boo* *hiss*
Later in the month, Zach and I went to the Jazz Fest.

Monica came down this way, and we headed to Christy's wedding. She made a beautiful bride!The next day Zach and I headed to Little Rock for Whitney and Brian's reception. :)We went to the library, and I looked into some knitting books. I found the absolutely coolest one: a Harry Potter knitting guide. Thus began my marathon Gryffindor House scarf knitting session!

The first Saturday after Labor Day is the annual Powell reunion. My dad's maternal side joined together for food, fun, and fiddling.
Our anniversary weekend was B-U-S-Y: we attended the county fair with Erin and Josh before celebrating Bobby's birthday at Cajun Boilers and with a chocolate cake I decorated. Finally, Zach and I went on a picnic at sunset atop West Mountain. It was a lovely first wedding anniversary. :)I got a surprise cookbook in the mail from the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, and I cooked up some delicious dinners including French onion soup and homemade pizza.

My mama came down to Hot Springs for us to celebrate her birthday (and Hobie's). I made and decorated her a cocoa-nut cake and gave her the scarf I knitted. We had a blast.
Zach went on interviews at NorthWest Arkansas Community College and at Penn Valley Community College. We stayed with Uncle Chuck while in NWA and with Adriane and Terry while in KC. Boy, we had missed that city!

Zach's roommate from UA, Brandon, and his wife, Anna, invited us to the State Fair. We had a blast!The Kings of Leon released their latest album, Come Around Sundown. *swoons*Erin won a free makeover, so we had a girls' day trip to North Little Rock for some pampering.

Zach and I attended my cousins' annual Spooktacular. He went as Harry Potter, and I went as a peacock. I won Best Costume! It was great to see my Omicron's again.We headed back to KC and NWA after Zach was invited back for a second round of interviews.

Zach got the job at NWACC! We celebrated with Braum's holiday ice cream.
On October 28, we lost our dear friend Dan in a car wreck. He was a loving friend to all, and it has been heartbreaking to lose him.
We miss you, buddy!As we were moving in a few days, we went ahead and hosted a Halloween party to visit with our family and friends. Rob and Mechelle cheered us up with their wild get-ups. [We forgot to tell them they didn't need to wear costumes anymore.]On Halloween, we moved to Springdale to stay with Zach's relatives until we found our own place.

Zach started his new job at NWACC!
We went on our first NWA date to the Pinnacle Hills Promenade.Osage oranges are creeptastic.
Dickson Street, anyone? We met Zach's friends Mervin and Teryl in Fayetteville for drinks.

Aunt Jeannie and Nancy kept us fed very well. :)
Zach's parents celebrated their thirty-first anniversary together on his mom's birthday.

After seeing many a place, apartment, and duplex, we found our HOME! We signed our lease on November 19, our lucky day.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 blew. our. minds.
The weekend before Thanksgiving we attended the lighting of the Fayetteville Town Square.I caught a terrible stomach bug and struggled through Thanksgiving.On the last day of the month, I celebrated the anniversary of my day-by-day photo album on facebook.

We moved into our new home in Bentonville and christened it The Owlery. We are so blessed. :)Terry stopped by on his way back to KC from Mandy's wedding and shared brunch with us. His daughter, Maeryn Beatrix, would be born that weekend!
Before finishing unpacking, we put up our tree and decorations.I started this blog to follow our adventures in NWA. ;)

Our first Christmas cards were mailed. (We were too busy last year to send any.)I fell in LOVE with my new kitchen and cooked nearly every day and night.We baked Christmas goodies for our sweet family and friends.

I traveled to Bryant for my old friend, Amber Mac's baby shower. She is having a boy, and they are naming him Carson. My mama and I are so excited from them and her mama Lisa.The Pharr's hosted Josh's family for Sayer's Christmas. He LOVED his Duplos.After a very eventful ride home, Hobie is now living with us and loving it.Santa Alan visited me. I was on the nice list. Not so sure about Zachary... ;)

Kevin and Bree paid us a visit and stayed the night after her interview at UAFS. She got the job!

Following a candelight service at Chuck and Jeannie's church, Hobie, Zach, and I spent Christmas Eve watching cartoon specials and opening presents. We loved everything we got, and I am so thankful I had the good sense to push some things back to other days.Christmas Day we headed in the SNOW to Hot Springs to spend it with Zach's family and my mama. It was a beautiful and wonderful day.The days after the holiday were filled with shopping, visits with friends, loads of sweets, and Legos. We got to visit my Bryant girls, and Zach held a baby--Drake--for the first time!New Year's Eve was spent watching Trapped in the Closet with Brian and Whitney and eating these shortbread fingers. Who could ask for anything more?

May your 2011 be filled with the blessings of joy and peace.
What are the highlights of your 2010? What special events happened or memories do you have of this past year?

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