Gratitude Journal: Neighborly Love

I'm thankful for kind landlords/neighbors who blessed us with some of their garden's bounty today.  (They also offered some potatoes, but just yesterday we bought 10 pounds for the first time in forever; and an eggplant, but Zach doesn't like them.  Last year, they kept us supplied in squashes and cukes.  :)  They are DOLLS.)  It only took a few minutes to blanch, package, and freeze twelve ears of corn!  Now we can have some of this vegetable/fruit/grain for a few more weeks.  Thanks, Becky and Tony!

In other news, I found out I'm allergic to cats (Class 1) and dogs (Class 2).  Everyone I told today panicked a bit as if we could ever get rid of our kitties.  Thankful for no major allergies--but my meds may suppress my immune system's response, so they may be higher up AND there may be others that didn't show up.  So I'm gonna start allergy shots in about two weeks.  The allergy nurse is also adding in ragweed, oak pollen, and dust mites to help with those as well.  :)

Are you allergic to anything that makes you sad?  I'm just thankful I'm not allergic to any of the foods I love!

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