New Year, New Life

Happy New Year's! Tomorrow I will have lots more to say about my plans for this year, but we just got home an hour ago, and I have a book I want to finish (Anansi Boys--Neil Gaiman), so good night for now.

And if you could, please say a prayer for the Purifoy family. Nick, a friend of a friend, lost one of of his twin boys today (Parker). His ex-girlfriend Amanda, who went to high school with me, is also taking it fairly hard because they lived together for quite some time, so she was with Parker and his brother Paxton quite a bit and still kept in contact with them. I can't imagine what Nick, the boys' mother, and their parents are going through; it just made me think about Briley (my best friend's little girl, my "best" niece") and our nephew Sayer because they are around the same age as these boys. Parker simply went to sleep and did not wake up, and no one knows why. Today marks the one month anniversary since my colostomy surgery; I just don't know why God decides to save some, like me, and take others home, like a little boy like Parker. But I know he is in a better place; my heart just grieves for his family, especially for Paxton.

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