"Baby, You Can Drive My Car..."

our 2012 triathlon grey Hyundai Veloster that we got the last week of December
The big news today is that I went driving for the first time since November 15 or so. :)
I didn't drive our new car though; Zach takes that baby to work; I drove MY car.
It's definitely not something you forget how to do.
I enjoyed being able to get out on my own. My mama came with me to help in any way I needed, so that was nice.
I even popped into Hobby Lobby to look at the little Christmas clearance they had left, and I found part of Zach's Valentine's gift AND I used a 40% off coupon.
(I'm buying presents EARLY this year!)
Then we went to Walmart, where I actually got some (more) Christmas clearance: two stocking holders for $1.50, boxes of candy canes at 24 cents each, Pepperidge Farm cookies at 69 cents each, and Febreeze at 62 cents each. Yeah, baby.
(Zach has sent me back tomorrow for more cookies and Febreeze. Priorities, people.;)

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