Be Grateful #7 and #8?

I am sooo behind.  ;)  Big surprise there, huh?  Life has been busy, busy, busy!  I've already been at my new job for a whole month now, and this week, I was struck with a cold, so I am taking it slower.  This means I am a little behind on my day-to-day things like laundry and lesson planning, not to mention this!

on our non-snowy Snow Day

1)  I am thankful we got a "snow" day!  A week ago Thursday, we were hit with a little ice.  Originally, we were going to do a delayed opening, but about thirty minutes before we had to leave, the school closed!  Zach and I celebrated with French toast and the season three special of Downton Abbey.  (We SAW that coming from a mile away, but talk about heart-wrenching!)  We got snow on Tuesday, too, but it started to melt just about as soon as it piled up, so we were still open.  :(

Our bridge was covered in a solid sheet of ice by the time it quit sleeting. 

2)  I'm thankful for how well my new job is going.  I'm kickin' butt and takin' names!

French Toast--I served it with bananas and Nutella!

3)  I'm thankful my Thirty-One party turned out better than I expected.  My cousin is a consultant, and she talked me into having a party after I had a Scentsy catalog one for my niece last year.  As of Wednesday morning, when my orders were due, I had only sold $47.  By ten that night, I had made it to $209!  This meant that I got to take part in the hostess rewards AND helped my cousin out with a little cash from the commission.  My husband, who is a bit OCD about organizing, LOVED looking through the 31 catalog.  *lol*  He picked out some things for the car, but I am excited for my server set (casserole carry case)!

 Amy gives Zach bunny ears.

4)  I'm thankful for former students.

Scrabble:  This time, Amy own and Zach lost.  A reversal of fortunes from the last game.

5)  I'm thankful for freebies!  We have a Sam's Club membership and get awesome things from them.  Just this week, we got an Air Wick warmer and fragrance.  Our kitchen smells lovely.  :)

I made my photo look Instagrammy.  ;)

6)  I'm thankful for friends!  Last weekend, we had dinner and Scrabble with the Ganns and then joined the Jebarajs and others for our dinner and Theatre Squared night.  We were supposed to have gourmet grilled cheese night with our friend Amy last night, but I came down with a cold, so it is postponed a week.  :(  Still, last weekend we had enough fun to carry us to today!

snowy Non-Snow Day

7)  I'm thankful for the new Tempur-pedic mattress that is on its way to us.  Zach wanted a bar for his birthday, so we started looking last weekend at Hank's and Ashley's.  We ended up walking away with new mattress set and $300 worth of free pillows and sheets AND a bar!  Our furniture won't be in for at least another week, but I can't wait to have a comfy QUEEN-sized bed.  :)

I measure the snow using these two birdies.

8)  I'm thankful for the new niece or nephew we will welcome in the fall.  :)  Zach's sister Erin and brother-in-law Josh phoned us Wednesday to announce they are expecting.  Many prayers appreciated for a healthy pregnancy and baby.  They are moving next weekend, and I told Erin she doesn't get to lift anything.

9)  I'm thankful for my husband when I am sick.  He went to get me medicine and Dixie Cafe last night, and he is sleeping on the couch.  I volunteered to sleep on the couch to keep him safe and healthy, but he refused.  Such a sweetie.  :)  I'm also thankful he puts up with my grumbling on snowy non-Snow Day days and non-snowy Snow Days!

10)  I'm thankful to have discovered what St. David's Day is.  I love anything that acknowledges the beauty of a daffy.  :)

11)  I'm thankful for Kennedy Coffee and their chai tea lattes.  HEAVEN in my mouth!

12)  I'm thankful I found my eyeglasses.  I usually keep in them in the passenger side of the car; somehow, they made it to the driver's side, and I was panicked when I didn't find them in their usual spot.

13)  I'm thankful I got my permanent crown installed (?) without incident!

14)  I'm thankful for Ms. Juanita at work who gave me a Milky Way in honor of my granny.  She has switched to eating whole foods but was tempted to eat it.  When I mentioned on Facebook those were my granny's favorite (we even had them at her visitation!), she surprised me with it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it when I had to give up hope of a snow day this week.  I'm also thankful for my supervisor Lenora who shows that she appreciates our hard work and makes work fun!

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