I won my very first blog giveaway!

This week I have been so busy that I somehow missed the announcement that I had won one of Rhianne's giveaways! I was over the moon when she commented on my blog that I had WON!

I had almost given up on winning anything because I have entered giveaway after giveaway with no luck. Then one day this week Kaycie posted about how she believes in giveaways because she has one a billion--well, seven :)--since she got into blogging this year. So I decided to keep trying because you never know. I mean, I thought I did know because my husband is the luckiest man alive--he wins EVERYTHING--so I thought all of the luck had been bestowed upon him. But no more!

I have won a lovely print from CityofBlackbirds in honor of Rhianne's having reached 700 followers on her blog. Rhianne has such a lovely blog with very stunning photography, and I enjoy reading it each week. I am so looking forward to seeing my prize in the mail because nothing beats surprise post. Thanks, Rhianne!

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