Busy Little Byrd

I've been remiss in posting this week. I started one new job last Friday and another on Saturday, so I'm trying to readjust. They may only be two part-time jobs, but they're not easy. :) The first one doesn't really have a set description or boundaries; rather than being trained, I've sorta been tossed head-first into projects. And the second is a teaching position, so you know how that goe. I'm trying to figure out how to balance work with home life (cooking, cleaning, laundry, spending time with my sexy husby). [P.S. He DOES help me; he always has. It's just that while I was unemployed, we got into the routine of my doing some things and his doing others. Now we have to balance it back out.] I also have to make some time for myself in there...like this blog... ;)

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